Akane Kuribayashi

Knowing that there are many kimono lovers around me and many people who have troubles with repairing size of kimonos, I learned about kimono and Japanese kimono sewing techniques at the Tokyo Vocational Ability Development Center. I love and keep learning about kimono and also traditional Japanese culture (tea ceremony, traditional performing arts, nature, seasonal events, art, etc.).

While I was enrolled in a vocational training school, I saw an article about Oishi Tsumugi seeking a successor and I thought and applied at it, “It’s a precious opportunity to be involved in kimono making from material making.”

In March 2018, upon completion of her vocational training, I moved to the Oishi district of Fujikawaguchiko Town from Tokyo. I inherited the traditional production process techniques from sericulture to weaving of “Koshu Oishi Tsumugi Hand Weaving Textile” from Michiko Kajihara, and the late Yayoi Horiuchi who are a traditional craftsman designated by Yamanashi Prefecture.

Click here for the Michiko Kajihara’s Interview page on the information site operated by Yamanashi Prefecture.

Now, I continuing to study to improve my skills and also conducts production and sales of mainly obi-belt fabrics.

LocationOishi, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture (Address not disclosed)   
ContactE-mail :
Phone: +81(country number)-(0)555-28-4507 ( may not be able to answer the phone due to work etc.)